LifeSmart equipment is easy for installation and covers every aspect of building automation.


We believe that the future is wireless in the loT sector, and we always take customers’ value as our top priority. Based on that, we select different wireless protocols to match the diversified user cases. We are the company that supports the most protocols in the marketplace including Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, Z-Wave and our proprietary CoSS protocol.


COSS protocol shares multiple advantages which include better coverage, larger capacity, lower power consumption and higher security leve

800 M

CoSS can achieve ultra-long distance signal transmission of 800 meters from LifeSmart smart station to other home devices.

100 MS

The signal delay could be less than 100ms


Based on CoSS, we are able to deliver the smart switch product which supports 5 years battery life with ER18505 battery.

Nature is an all-in-one smart interaction center, designed with customizable physical scene buttons and 10.25” high definition touch screen to enjoy wonderful human-computer interaction. The anodized aluminum casing make it durable and elegant.

Nature Mini is a 4″ screen panel integrated with IoT gateway and smart switch. It can cover the whole home smart control including lighting, curtain, HVAC, background music and other smart home equipment. You can set and enable kinds of scenarioes through this switch panel.



Nature Mini

999,00 kn

A central panel that can cover all smart home controls, including lighting, security, HVAC, background music and other smart home equipment.

Starry Switch

580,00 kn

Starry Switch adopts extremely low power consumption technology and independent power supply. It supports single live line, null and live line and low direct current (≤ 30V). It eliminates the flicker when a traditional single live line switch is connected to a low power light bulb, providing an easy solution for installation and use.

Smart Room Thermostat

895,00 kn

Perfectly integrated into the home thermostat solution, it provides the most comfortable home warmth in cold winter

Smart Radiator Valve

699,00 kn

This is a smart Radiator Valve Thermostat designed to be incorporated into household heating for precise and remote temperature control. It can actualize independent temperature control of every single room at your home via LifeSmart app remotely, saving energy and money.

Water Leak Sensor

390,98 kn

The LifeSmart’s Water Leak Sensor can be easily installed onto the wall in your home to protect your property., to alarm you on your mobile device via the LifeSmart App when there is water leak. You don’t need to worry about water valve failures any more.

Door/Window Sensor

430,00 kn

The LifeSmart’s Cube Door/Window Sensor detects when a door or window is opened and can automatically notify you on your LifeSmart App. It can also be used to trigger events with other smart devices, including snapshot, lighting control, home mode activation and many more.

Motion Sensor

490,00 kn

The LifeSmart’s Cube Motion Sensor uses PIR induction technology to detect movement. Upon detection, notifications will be sent to your mobile devices via the LifeSmart App. Alternatively, a light can be triggered upon entering a room that is too dim. If connected with LifeSmart Smart Home Wi-Fi Camera, you can trigger a snap shot that can be directly be sent to your mobile device.

Outdoor Camera

880,00 kn

Outdoor Camera is installed outside for surveillance, with HD sound-light alarm for active deterrence. 2MP high resolution image and excellent night vision effect make it easy for 24/7 real-time monitoring of the situation outside the house. The motion snapshot is recorded in the local storage of Outdoor Camera. With corrosion-resistant metal material and strict waterproof technology, it is suitable for working in complex environment.

BLEND Light Bulb RGB

385,00 kn

BLEND bulbs are the perfect way to add any room to your ambiance. Capable of creating 16 million different lighting effects with adjustable brightness and preset modes.

MINS Curtain Controller

615,00 kn

Turn your traditional curtains / blinds / blinds motors into a smart system.


699,00 kn

The LifeSmart’s Smart Station connects all of LifeSmart products to one central device . As the core of the LifeSmart platform, the Smart Station wirelessly connects all of your devices and sensors. You can stay informed of changing conditions, trigger actions and remotely control various aspects of your home or office. The Smart Station logically links all of your devices to work seamlessly together.

Smart Plug

225,00 kn

Remotely control any device in your home, the only prerequisite is that it be plugged into a smart outlet.

General Controller

560,00 kn

Professional engineering device. By connecting to a general controller, dry contact switches / buttons / sensors can be perfectly integrated with the LifeSmart system and achieve intelligent control.


450,00 kn

SPOT, universal remote control, a fantastic product that will simplify your life. Not only does it replace traditional remote controls, but it also communicates with other LifeSmarts products. TVs, air conditioners, fans, any IR device can be controlled using this SPOT.

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Professional equipment adaptable to any environment.

LifeSmart Provides a lineup of smart products and industry-leading management software to support hotels’ automation initiatives. The comprehensive project design and implementation deliver an exceptional experience of technical life for hotel guests, thus increase operational efficiency and reduce the cost of management.

LifeSmart helps to elevate your home to the next level with all smart devices integrated to provide a strong smart-home network. The all-round services offer a technical lifestyle more than convenient. We have served more than 100 communities and our businesses network has covered more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

LifeSmart is committed to furnishing enterprises with the ultimate energy management strategy, efficient spatial operation solutions and pleasant light effect. Our smart office system covers an area of 450,000 square meters for enterprises like Alibaba, Baidu, ByteDance, etc.

LifeSmart offers smart home solutions that offer our customers control over devices and the home environment, bringing comfort to life as well as safety and energy savings. All devices are controlled by pressing a button.

We believe the AI and loT will become an ecosystem and we believe the importance to build an open AloT system. In LifeSmart, we provide our customers with end to end AloT solutions which include application software, cloud service, hardware and Al integration. Our open API enables hundreds of customers to either build their own applications or integrate our AloT capability to their system. It supports both public and private deployments which both are cost efficient and data privacy secured.

With our smart devices built into your current smart home solution, you are ready to offer your customers a solution that suits every need.